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Staging & Design


Staging is essential if you want to make an impact! By inviting a fresh pair of eyes to see your property as potential buyers will, we will tour each room with you, discussing a custom staging action showing you how to highlight the best features of your property, create flow, maximize appeal for more buyers, and achieve a fresh move-in-ready look that sells fast! Contact us to book your consultation today!

FULL STAGING SERVICES ~ Fee based on Sqft.

Leave the work to us! We will complete a Staging Consultation with you on your house, and once your recommendations are completed, we will return to the property to showcase the home. Depending on if the home is Occupied or Vacant, we will use your existing belongings and any suggested newly purchased items or rented items to enhance the properties features, create flow, and maximize appeal to a greater target market of prospective buyers. Contact us for more info and schedule your consult! 

Appreciate your home/apartment more, whether you’ve just moved in or you’ve been settled for a while. We will work with your current belongings and help to select new pieces; help with color, texture and fabrics; maximize focal points and flow; and make you fall in love with your space.

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