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"Accepted the offer on day 13 of the listing!! We are so pleased and it wouldn't have been the same without your help. Thank you so much Jody!
~ Stephanie & Tom Arsenault, Moncton N.B‚Äč

"Jody is very professional and in depth. Our house was for sale and staged by Moncton Home Staging. After Jody's recommendations were done and pictures taken, the house sold in the first 24 hours it was on the market. I can highly recommend their services to anyone"
~ Helene Belzile, Moncton N.B 

When our Realtors recommended we meet Jody from Moncton Home Staging, I was skeptical and hesitant. In my mind I had envisioned someone coming into our home, and telling us to get rid of our stuff and replace it with new items that may "fit" better in the space.

Wow, was I wrong! AS soon as Jody came to our home I felt excited, hopeful and eager to make the changes. She worked with our existing items,reccomended a neautral paint color, gave suggestions on how to set up our existing furniture in a more appealing way, and emphasized what we should declutter and pack. She was amaxing to work with every step of the way. Through the two weeks of the changes, I texted almost every day and she was always quic to respond.

Once we were done, our house looks clean, fresh, appealing, and on top of that I feel so good about removing so much junk we had laying around.

I have already recommended Jody to a few friends and will continue to sing her praises.

~ Samantha Read, Moncton NB


Staging & Design

"We tried selling our home with no success, our agent suggested that we get Jody to come help us stage it, she was very professional and in depth. After Jody's recommendations were done and pictures taken, the house sold in no time. I can highly recommend their services to anyone, and Jody's suggestions will stay with me when I decorate my new home. thank you Jody!!!!!"

~ Alisa Campbell, Moncton N.B.

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